Black Diamond

Hello and welcome to Black Diamond

based in Kristianstad Sweden



From the beginning a pure cover rockband

But as time has progressed we also have made our own songs


With songs from artists like: 

 Bryan Adams, Judas Priest, Carlene Carter, Cher, Tina Turner, Krokus...

We have something for everyone.

(almost anyway)


We take a song that we like

And play it like we want to play it

With heavy guitar and lots of attitude


We have also started to wright our own songs

So our setlist is growing

Under "Music" you can find some our cover songs

And also our first singel

"The one who calls my name"

(written by Liselott)

Wich can be found on Spotify


The video below is the result of our work with 

Rebecca Salomonsson - Artqueen



Black diamond

  Work together with:


Under 2015 we will work with a projekt called

"Art & Fashion - Wild and Crazy"

New and exciting things is waiting!!



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